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    There's an existing request for specific weapons that you might want to add a vote to, you can find that here.

    Definitely agree that other basic items should be more easily homebrewable too though! You can kind of fudge it with wondrous magic items, but doing it with "magic" items is a really weird way to do it, plus you can't set some basic values like cost.

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    Ben Morrier

    Currently, the way around this issue (apart from the Custom (individual) Items option at the bottom of the Manage Equipment section, or customizing an existing item) is for the DM to create a homebrew Common magic item and add it to your homebrew collection. If Homebrew is toggled on in the character preferences, it will appear in the items list when managing the Equipment. And because "Common" rarity doesn't have a particular color, the item doesn't stand out from other non-magical items.

    That being said, I realize you need a Hero or Master Tier subscription. 

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