Proficiency Dice (DMG pg 263)



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    Tom Moses

    Support for the optional rules in the DMG would be just great all around.  I would love to toss out the static bonus for the proficiency die in my next campaign.

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    Chris Eaton

    Soooo.... I just purchased the Master tier subscription on D&DBeyond & $200 worth of books so my players could run their characters effectively... created a campaign and all six PCs, figured out how to use it with FoundryVTT with the Beyond20 extension to use in the campaign I'm several months into... only to now realize D&DBeyond doesn't support proficiency dice yet (which we use and absolutely love).

    Any word on when something like this may be incorporated?

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    Andreas Chris Wilhelmer

    +1. I'd love to use proficiency dice in my next campaign but having to manually subtract the proficiency modifier and then add the die value becomes really annoying very quickly. I'd even be happy with the option to manually set the proficiency bonus to 0, as this would somewhat mitigate the subtraction problem and allow us to manually add the proficiency die roll.

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