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    Andrew D Webb

    +1. Many tables (including AL) have some sort of source restrictions, and the character builder makes conforming to these restrictions unnecessarily difficult. The non-Character-Builder Feats section, for instance, lists Source immediately beneath all Feat names. This pattern should be adopted literally everywhere. 

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    Especially considering" "The current iteration of content sharing only blocks access to the compendium content, not from  the content in the character builder / sheet. That will happen in a future iteration." (source)


    Not sure why the character builder wasn't considered for phase 1 (or why phase 2 is seemingly so far off), but adding this feature request would be a huge help for players to limit content to only the available sources.


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    William-James Grey

    I'd love to be able to tell at a glance where a particular subclass comes from like I can tell when content is Unearthed Arcana: 

    The critical roll assets have their logo next to their entries already:

    A simple parentheses with the source abbreviation would do the job.

    Quick mock up:

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