Assign characters to players in campaign



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    Melissa Mary Doucette

    You can already do this. The DM can make/populate a campaign with characters, and mark them as Unassigned. Then, when a player comes to join, they can choose one of the Unassigned characters.

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    Roy C. Padrick

    I understand this. What I am requesting is a way for the DM to directly assign a character to a player, not just make a character available and have the player grab it. For example, send a link a link to the campaign (without premade characters) to players, and they join the campaign without a character, and then the DM can create and assign directly.

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    I think that this would require the ability to add your friends to your campaign, or even better, to have a list of friends independent from a campaign.

    I submitted the idea of a mini social network to handle such situations: Connecting with friends (mini social network, calendar)

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