Homebrew Subraces Fix



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    Melissa Mary Doucette

    Agreed. I would love the see homebrew races able to be categorized the way a standard race is, where a parent race drops down to view its subraces.

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    I would also like to have any race that's in our collection to be added to the race group drop box for homebrew subraces. That way subraces won't be spread out throughout the race selection screen in the character builder. All the races could be neatly organized into their own drop down folders, just like the official races of elves/dwarves/etc.

    For example, if the Mousefolk race in my collection was available for the race group, then the Mousefolk race would have a drop box and reveal all the subraces in one spot. Instead, my players have to search through my collection for any mousefolk. If they are browsing, there's also no way to know there are only two subraces, they could waste time looking for a third. For time saving reasons along with overall cleanliness to the race selection screen.

    Even for a race that has all of the subraces together, it still builds a lot of clutter. This is something that including all races in the collection to the race group drop down box, instead of just the official races, would help.

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    James Moyihan

    Completely agreed.  The current behavior is jarring and unintuitive.  This relatively simple fix is necessary for consistency with the other races in the selection menu.

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    Michael Flenniken

    It looks like part of the logic to make this work as (we) expect is already implemented. If there are subraces, the race doesn't show up already. A possible solution would be to take that logic and create a "Race Group" automatically. That might not jive well with the variant races, but it should work with an "if (exists subrace or variant) logic path."

    Good luck!

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