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    William Sean Bosley

    I came here to make a similar suggestion, except mine was for spell books meant to be found on NPCs, so spell books that are items. I think after reading your idea I can combine them functionally in a way that the devs might find even easier to implement than your version. Here it is:

    They could make spellbook items that can have spells added to them from a list, and be named. These spell books don't stack in your inventory. Now add a check box to them so that you can decide which one you have "equipped" at a time, so to speak. The one you have equipped populates your spells section with all of the spells in the book (plus your cantrips obviously). The functionality would be like attuning a magic item. It may even be able to be based on that code, except you only have one spell book slot, instead of three attunement slots.
    As for organization, the spell books should be sorted in the inventory in the same place, possibly named "Spellbook - [title]" so that they are always next to one another. When you click through the spell books, the spells would be clearly listed to the right in the item's description, and organized by spell level. In this way you could flip through quickly, then equip the right one.
    As an added bonus of this system, each spellbook could easily have its weight added to the character's encumbrance, and potentially calculate its approximate gold value based on the spells contained within.

    All this would be is a new item that lets you list spells inside, and a special check box on said item. On the backend, though, it would have to be able to switch out the spells your character sheet has listed as learned.

    I realize the main issue with both of our ideas is that it will make the character sheets no longer print correctly when printed out for physical play, so I doubt either idea will be implemented. :/

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