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    Drakkonus Frostburn

    Can I get some clarity in regard to the "Spellcasting" section, please? 

    How do I indicate how many cantrips, spells known & spell slots a subclass of fighter or monk has?

    How do I set spell slots so that they are regained after a short or long rest? 

    How would I create an Invocation option for a warlock subclass or an existing subclass?

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    I am making a druid and I don't want extra spells, how do I get around the 3rd level class feature issue?

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    Pannacotta Fugo

    So say I'm making a subclass. I want one of the class features to make my unarmed attacks do 1d6 slashing damage +3 lightning damage. Firstly, can I change my basic unarmed attack? If so, can I make it do a different element for fixed damage?

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