So the free content is limited?




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    Permanently Deleted User

    What if i all ready own the books physically?

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    Justin Joseph

    Same question, what if I already own the physical content?

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    Hi there! 

    At this time, all purchases on D&D Beyond are for content on D&D Beyond only. Unfortunately, there is not a way to unlock the digital content if you have purchased the physical books. 

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    Josh Brewer

    Would there be a way to maybe add our book serial number instead of making your customers rebuy the books we had already spent our hard-earned money on?

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    Justin Joseph

    I would even be ok with paying a monthly bill honestly. 15 a month, access to the library and such, lose the access if I stop paying.

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    Along David Levin

    fuck that noise. seriously though, Why the heck would you design a system that forces players to buy it twice. WoTC and Curse screwed the pooch big time. Not everyone is critical fucking role, not everyone can afford two fucking copies of each book and have to have both physical and online resources.

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    Morven Gerald Ferguson

    Part of the reason that they can't provide access to to the books you previously bought physically is due to them not having the concept of d&d beyond and didn't those books with a safe way of making sure you had purchased it and just not picked it up off the shelf and took a photo of it (that's assuming they have unique serial numbers for each book).

    The other way is by proof of purchase and I dare say a lot of people wouldn't have their receipts still from purchasing (unless from a online seller) 

    They could start by including redemption codes in all future publications but that would leave people like you and myself feeling cheated on the previous books we have bought. Prima Guides have a similar system in place for most if not all their books. Only thing thats is stopping them doing this is the risk of the resale of the codes/passing on to friends on a product that already doesn't make them much in the long run. Most player will only buy one maybe two books the entire time they play a particular edition and if they buy a code off someone else (a redemption code they didn't wan/need for a digital version) at a markdown price and not actually from the company who has produced the the game and earns not the biggest profit from it. So I think it is unlikely they will go down this route.

    I think this is the reason why we have seen quite a lot of discount codes for D&D Beyond and why we wont see them giving us the books we have already paid for even though it would be 100 times better.

    On a side note I doubt that Critical Role even have to pay for their books on D&D Beyond as they are the Spokespeople for the thing everything will just be given to them. 

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