What is Compendium Content and how is that different to the full Sourcebook?




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    I purchased individual content from various books, but not the full books themselves.  AS such, that individual content does not show up in campaign character creation.  Kind of feel let down by DNDBeyond.  You could make this known up front before someone purchases a subscription.  Unlike others I do not have tons of money to throw around to purchase another set of books online to use this service.  

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    Vis S

    BLOTUS: Did you buy the compendium content only? If so, that won't show up in the character builder, monster/spell/item listings, etc. However, if you bought individual things like races, subraces, subclasses, magic items, etc., that should indeed unlock them for use in the character builder (and allow them to be viewed in the standalone monster/spell/item/etc. listings mentioned earlier).

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