Custom Attacks




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    Carolyn Wolfe

    Is this available now? I don't see an option to customize the "to hit" feature in D&DBeyond right now.

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    Caitlan Zufelt

    Hi, I'm trying to edit a spell that my character has access to through an item, Circlet of Blasting.

    In the item's description, it says that the To Hit modifier is +5, regardless of what the spell modifier is.

    However, in the Attack section of the sheet, the To Hit modifier used is the spell modifier, which is +6.

    When I go to edit the spell, there is no option to customize it so that I can correct the modifier.

    Unlike on a different spell, for example.

    I'd like to know if this is a mistake, or if it's on purpose, as it's very confusing to try and remember that this spell's modifier is different than all the other ones when there's nothing on the actual page to indicate so.

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