Will I get additional digital game content if I subscribe?




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    Rebecca Kinny

    So basically there is no benefit to subscribing, just a blatant trick into trying to steal our money?

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    Hi there! 


    The Hero Tier subscription gives you an ad free experience on the website, gives you the ability to create an unlimited amount of characters and add publicly-shared homebrew content to your collection where you can use it in the character builder. 

    The Master Tier subscription gives you all of the features mentioned above from the Hero Tier subscription and the ability to share unlocked content with all players within 3 campaigns. 

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    James E. Carlisle

    I completely agree with Rebecca. It's a total rip off. Why subscribe if I just have to re-buy digital materials I already own in hard copy? A monthly subscription should at least come with PHB access -- otherwise, forget it. No way in hell will I pay for a subscription to have to also pay for content.

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    Justin Montello

    So as I see it from posts above...if I already have the hard copy and digital versions of the books bought previously there isn't a way to use everything on the website? I cannot afford to buy everything all over again and how does this help having a better gaming experience?

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