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    Timothy Brown

    One thing I'm not clear on is if a character is deactivated or removed from a campaign, will the player still be able to access that character if it used content that was shared from the campaign?

    For example I have two campaigns running.  In one campaign several of the people who started aren't able to play at this time.  In an effort to clean things up I was going to remove their characters, but I don't want them to get "lost" by not being able to use them again after I remove them since they were made with the full set of available books and resources I bought online.

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    Hi there!

    The character remains intact and is usable with any selections the user has made for the character at the time they leave the campaign, but any new options will be limited to what they have access to outside of the campaign.

    Basically you get to keep everything, but if you remove or change one of the campaign provided pieces of content, you wont be able to get them back. 

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    One question: will created content also be shareable among campaign players? for example, if the DM creates multiple characters in his account and a player wants to use one of those characters, will the players have acces to my character roster with the master subscription?

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    Hi there! The players in your campaign would not have access to your character roster. If you create private homebrew content that can be shared through the content sharing feature. 

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