I have purchased this content elsewhere, can I have the digital content unlocked?




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    Why would you purchase something again? It is digital content which was already created by WOTC. I am not going to pay more money because someone imported the info into a DB. Whooptee Do! I have already purchase the content from WOTC. You want me to spend another $30 a pop for each book? That is greed!

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    Daniel Lumm

    I have to agree with Craig here. This is a deal breaker. It's also very anti-store. If I want a new supplement, I have to choose between buying a physical copy from my friendly local game store or buying a digital copy here, otherwise I'm almost doubling the cost for me. I find it to be a bit infuriating that I've gone through the trouble of purchasing so much content (you know, instead of obtaining the pdfs for free) and supporting you just to be told that I'll need to buy all of it again just to be able to make characters in this software with that content.

    This is a great way to drive players away from your services and into the realms of piracy. The logic behind this is so far backwards that I'm baffled there is a single person on the team that thought it was a good idea. You're punishing the players who already supported you and now you're even punishing the stores that carried and supported your product by making players choose an alternative to them. 

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    Rebecca Kinny

    Here is the thing. You only need to mark yes or no that a person get's access. That "material in D&D Beyond is in a different format and platform"is a bold face lie. The content in the PHB is the same whether it is digital or on paper. As long a person can give proof that they have the book this content should be available.  There is 0% chance that I would re-pay for content I already paid for. In fact, I will not be purchasing any additional content from this system until my other purchases are acknowledged.  If this isn't resolved this is the last D&D system I will ever play. I suggest this gets resolved faster rather than later.Once we change over to another system we won't be looking back.   





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    Byucknah The Red

    Yeah, this is literally the stupidest thing I have ever heard of Wizards of the Coast... As someone who has so many of the books, who has paid literal hundreds of dollars to get the books in the first place, being told "Oh, hey, we want to go digital but you have to buy EVERYTHING again!" is basically slapping me in the face with a Tarasque dick... I am not made of money here...

    Let us unlock the digital content if we already have the books because I am going to be blunt here, I am not going to pay for something a second time at the prices you guys are asking. I MIGHT be okay with paying 2-5$ to unlock digital versions of my books if I already own the physical copy but no more than that and even then its going to be a rarity! I will also continue to buy, baseline, the books in physical copies over digital moving forward. If this whole D&D beyond thing flops and stops getting supported, which crap like that happens ALL THE TIME with other services, then what? If D&D beyond shuts down its severs then I have lost everything with no compensation. It might not ever happen but there is no security in it for me when you guys are new to the scene in terms of digital D&D content that others have been providing for far longer and are far more rooted. The site can go down or get attacked by DDOS attacks, if I have no access to a network then I am shit out of luck, ect. I would rather have my physical books and if needed find another method to access the content digitally.

    I will never pay what you guys are asking to unlock a digital version of my books that I literally ALREADY OWN! Hell I would, and I say this bluntly and fearlessly, find an unofficial PDF somewhere if I want a digital copy of my books that I already own far before considering paying what you are asking just to have a digital copy of the material. I promise I am not alone in that sentiment either, I am not rich and most the people I have ever played D&D with are not rich either! Even the idea of your digital character sheets are not enough to convince me to invest in D&D Beyond when there are TONS of apps out there that do the same thing for free, even allowing manual content entry. Apps that I have already unlocked premium versions for on the app store. You have given me no legit reason to transfer over. Even when playing a game on PC I will choose Roll20 over Beyond, which I have also invested in over Beyond, any day of the week. You guys are giving me no reason, no motivation, nothing to convince me to use your service over any of the other methods available to me.

    The price gouging with this service has to go, you guys need to show respect to your faithful customers who have been buying your books for years. Don't double dip us, don't fuck us! The possibilities with D&D Beyond are awesome and its got a lot of potential, but this is already off to a pretty bad start with how you are handling your customers who have been faithful for years.

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    Are you serious? '.. but the material in D&D Beyond is in a different format and platform."?? Is this a Bad joke? It's already in here, what difference could there be? This is Just greedy.

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    So from here on out I will most definitely pirate every D&D book that you have to offer. 

    A different platform and format is about the biggest load of crap I have ever seen.  I have a legitimate copy of my players handbook and I can send you pictures of me holding it and the barcode and anything else you would want then you can simple "unlock" it for me here.  Why in gods name would I pay $35 again just to get the same thing I already bought? 

    I'm really disappointed to see that D&D is going the way of micro transactions just like  EA and Activision, but hey I guess what ever is going to get you more money.

    Until you can let me use a digital version of the physical books that I buy from my store then I'll just pirate everything and not give you a dime.

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    Permanently Deleted User

    Yeah this policy is probably what will cause this tool to never take off.

    I find it a little odd that when D&D next was announced, you were already developing an app with another company. Cancelled it... and now are offering this, and then expect people who own the physical copies of the books. To buy 'digital' versions just so they can use this tool.

    There are plenty of equally as good community crafted tools that are free. Ones that people are already using, so why would they switch over to this?

    Especially when other systems give you free or deeply discounted digital versions when you buy the physical.


    This is really disappointing, even more disappointing than the online services for 4th edition.(Character generator requiring a subscription.


    This should all really be free if you own the books. It would be a way for new people to get through the character generation process in a more streamlined form. Remove some of that intimidation for first time players.

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    Olivier DUPUY

    I agree with most of the above. I see all the potential in D&D beyond and I started selling the idea to my players when it was in beta.
    I know that any work deserves a salary, in IT too, being a developer myself.

    This being said, as a DM I have already paid all the rules books (but the turtle thing) and SKT before DnD Beyond arrived. This must represent around 200 USD. Am I ready to pay 200$ more to get the same content in digital form?
    I am also not interested either in the 330$ bundle.
    Especially with PDFs circulating the pricing is just ridiculous. The pricing model encourages cheating and copying because of your greed.

    Did anyone at DnD Beyond and WotC seriously thought about the existing and faithful D&D/WotC customers or just about the IT infrastructure? Obviously, the existing customers are left behind.

    You have to review your price model. Either you want a few selected customers, likely new and rich players (but anyone needs the paper version of the PHB at least) if they exist or you want a larger audience using the existing large pool of players and make more money ultimately and have a vibrant platform that the players willingly join because they see a benefit.

    If you do not care about the sales and the success of DnD Beyond, then just continue as is.

    If you want to make more money without pressuring the existing customers like lemons then come up with a plan. 
    We players and DMs all have books, please find a middle ground to not displease everyone. 

    DnD beyond does not come for free with the book. I am fine with this and many will be.
    Now find a solution.

    I propose you a simple solution. Ask an interested buyer to mail the first page (title+credits) of each book that he wants to buy. Then email him a 50% coupon rebate for each of them. 
    If you prefer paperless, do something with a photo or video. I can upload a video where I tear away the first pages instead if you like
    This approach will be reasonable money wise and you will make many more sales that you can ever have with your current model.
    Make friends and customers, not lost sales.

    I am VERY disappointed in the current state by what DnD Beyond could be for me, my players and the D&D community and what it will be if you do not take the appropriate steps to fix the situation.

    WotC has also to take its responsibilities in helping to find a solution because they own DnD and this offering makes WotC looking bad too.

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    Olivier DUPUY

    I suggest unhappy potential customers like me contacting WotC to have WotC and D&DBeyond finding a solution working for everyone.

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    Alexander Krauch

    Quite frankly until they allow physical copies to be added I'm not going to use this program. Nobody is going to rebuy books just to use them digitally. I'll go find a free app or just stick to a hand written character sheet until then.

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    Thomas Rawlings

    As a complete noob to the game of D&D I have been researching as many ways to make life easier when it comes to getting my friends engaged with the idea of playing.

    I have read over which products/books to buy etc. and when I found DNDBeyond I thought I had hit the jackpot. I quickly set up a character and looked into adding certain desired archetypes only to find them locked behind a paywall. At first this seemed reasonable to me as I have yet to purchase any D&D related content (in any format) and without DNDBeyond I would still need to pay for the relevant information. All fine so far.


    I personally prefer to have paper copies in front of me as I find them much easier to use especially for reference style reading as is required within the game. 

    I was therefore entirely disappointed to learn that if I were to purchase, for example, the Player's Handbook, I would not also get access to the information on DNDBeyond. This seems like the most ridiculous oversight in terms of how I as a new player should proceed. The appeal of a digital character sheet that can automatically tell me the relevant stats and info is unfortunately completely overwhelmed by the concept of having to pay twice for identical content. The library of information held within DNDBeyond is outstanding, it is just a shame there is no link between physical and digital copies.

    I totally understand that development of such a fantastic resource has associated costs however only a fool would pay twice for the same content.

    I would suggest a two different solutions to fix this before DNDBeyond gets too much bad press over this insane decision.

    1. Firstly I would lower the purchasing price of all digital content significantly to allow for digital only purchases.
    2. For users in my position who have nothing more than the free content, have the option to purchase the digital and physical copies as a bundle through the site for the equivilant cost of the physical copy plus a small premium for access to the digital version.

    I understand there are of course elements of not wanting to sell the information cheaper just because it is digital however the only solution you have to that is to allow users who own physical copies to somehow get free access to the content.

    Unfortunately this paywall will only cause players to reject what is actually a fantastic resource.

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    Jase Daggett

    Bologna! I've come to you guys specifically because of the exposure you've gotten from Critical Role. I've paid $300 on books, and since day 1 of my ownership I've hoped that it be paired with some form of digital access. Lo and behold, here that service is! Except, you want me to pay $300 again?


    You will continue to get exposure from Critical Role, and you will continue to get boo'd for not allowing access to content that your user-base already has access to. You have an astounding amount of players that would LOVE to make the switch and give you money for the content they don't already own. Heck, even I don't have 5 of your resources, so that's $100 right there I'd be willing to drop on your laps, but I'm not going to repurchase the content I already own to get to that point.

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    William James Beck

    I'm a disabled war veteran who lives on a very limited fixed income. I don't like to go out so much anymore and I have found D&D to be a good escape for me, to live a new life and adventure in ways that I physically cannot. I have saved up and purchased these books:

    Player's Handbook

    Dungeon Master's Guide

    Monster Manual

    Volo's Guide to Monsters

    Sword Coast Adventurer's Guide

    Out of the Abyss

    I am now involved in a group of other veterans who play. Dndbeyond was recently brought to my attention by one of the other players. My Dungeon Master suggested that I take the character that I created and transfer it into the system here because it will be easier to work with. So, I created an account and started building my character. When I reached the point for background, I wasn't able to find "Entertainer" on the options list. After searching, it turns out that this is an option that will become available to me if I purchase the Player's Handbook... only, I already have purchased this book somewhere else.

    It turns out there are SO many other options available to me also with all of these other purchases that I've made, only they aren't available to me because I bought all of these books somewhere else?

    I didn't keep the receipt either, but I have a significant investment into this that I've saved up for but now I'm not allowed access to these basic functions because I didn't purchase these items from the source.

    I was a business consultant for a while and I learned that businesses often rely on profits that they make through distributors and will often encourage people to seek out these local distributors to make purchases of their products. Now it appears that your company is luring business away from the distributors by offering  select content to individuals who buy from you directly. If this gets back to your distributors, I can imagine they will limit their distribution of your items to those that do not support your online benefits. How can they compete with the bonuses you are offering to buy them online?

    Perhaps in the future you can seal your distributed books with inserts printed with unique codes (as video game companies do) that encourage the purchaser to sign up to dndbeyond and allow them license to the benefits of their purchase made through your distributors? It could decrease the value of used books, unfortunately, but it could also encourage users to buy new & sealed copies to get these benefits. You might even offer access to digital downloads with the printed copies so that people are encouraged to buy the printed material to gain access to both. Otherwise you're going to find people tempted to use the free pdf's that are being passed around.

    In the meantime, ethically speaking, you MUST make this right to your loyal players who, like me, have already purchased your content. Set a date deadline or something for a person to log in to dndbeyond to be eligible for the content relative to the purchases that they've made. How you are approaching this question is simply bad form and clearly bad for business.

    People make mistakes and so do businesses, it's understandable. But the mistakes people make shouldn't be in buying your products. You won't take a financial hit since these are digital benefits you're offering to make up for this error in planning and you will gain a deeper appreciation and respect from those people who are loyal to what you offer the world in creative products with excellent design.

    The account/sign up process could have a section that asks, "Which books/items have you purchased elsewhere?" With selections available to choose from (also bringing to attention all of the products/books you have available that many may not be aware of) and a place for the individual to state where and when (approximately) these items were purchased. This will be a wonderful resource for you to find out who the productive distributors are as well!

    Digital content and bonuses based on past purchases.

    No cost out of your pocket.

    Sealed books with unique numbered inserts for digital downloads and online bonus material to new members.

    Happy distributors.

    Happy customers.

    Sound good?

    Please let me know soon, so I can get back to escaping my reality and start being an Entertainer!

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    Olivier DUPUY

    Twitch/dnDB, please set a 50% rebate period for a few months to give a chance to the existing owners to jump in DnDB instead of allienating them forever.

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    Zachary Colone

    Sign this petition!!! This petition will be sent to WOtC/D&D Beyond,    Telling them to please let us physical book owners get our books content for free

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    Artyom Novikov

    DNDBeyond is an awesome project and I really like it. I also want to use it with master's subscription. But the fact that I cannot have access to the rules I've already purchased without paying once more stops me. As many people above, I agree that any good work should be rewarded. And also it is good to support the usage of licensed rules. But I think that there should be a way to add the physical books that you have to your account and share it with your group with the appropriate subscription. Theoretically, right subscription fee would allow you to have some money from the project.
    And this is the model I'll happily accept. I would pay monthly the appropriate money to get access to the services of dndbeyond. Anyway, thank you for a very good project.

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    David jones

    I get that it would be difficult to keep track of things like this as you can have 4 people claim to same book, with no means of actual identification. Maybe a receipt could work, but who actually kept those if you never bought online.
    instead of making it free for those who purchased, could you not do something like a small subscription fee is to be paid for current owners and the content they have is unlocked while their subscription is running. I don't expect you to unlock you content for free, even if I bought books elsewhere, cause a lot of work has gone into this, but I don't want to have to buy all the books again, as many have stated.

    This will also provide you with  a does of monthly money from a large number of people that would otherwise not support you, as why would we pay another $300 when a pencil is a couple cents.

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    Brendan Deere

    I'm throwing my 2 cents on the pile.

    I would definitely signup for the $5/month subscription service to help manage the campaigns I'm running if I could port the books that I just bought onto this site. I was really excited to get started with DnD and I didn't event realise this resource existed. 

    There is no way I'm spending an additional $90+ just to get the content I already paid for.

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    Daniel Lumm

    I'm just going to point out that adding a subscription to be allowed to access the content wouldn't actually change anything. You'd still be paying to use things that you already paid money for. If enough people like the idea and WOTC go with it that's cool and all, but I'm still not taking part. Whether I pay $300 up front or over the course of some number of months doesn't change the fact that I'm paying for the same books multiple times, which is asinine. More power to those of you that think this idea would fix the issue, but I'm not joining that club.

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    DnD Beyond looks really great but I cannot get into it for this reason! I already started buying the physical books, no way I'm buying them a second time.

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    Stuart Phoenix

    I cannot believe I am expected to pay so much to unlock digital content. If Hero Lab can charge $5-10 for additional Pathfinder content, you must be able to afford it too. Really disappointed to discover this after hearing about D&D Beyond on Critical Role. It's disgusting

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    Michael Childs

    To everyone commenting on this being unfair, I'm sorry to say, but I'm pretty sure DnDbeyond.com is not an entity of WoTC. So, they have no means of verifying whether or not you've purchased the book. Actually, unless you bought your book directly through WoTC nobody can verify that you bought the book, and even WoTC probably doesn't keep very accurate records. Taking a picture of the book or sending in the upc means nothing, because it's as simple as borrowing a friend's book, sending that information, and getting the content for free from this site. There is no way to verify that you own the book. Even when it comes to receipts, books can be returned, now you have a free book on DnDbeyond. I know it may be a frustrating to consider that, but that is the truth.

    The thing about this system is the convenience. The different format that the admins are talking about is the fact that you can incorporate information from a book into a character sheet or keyword search the the books you have unlocked for information. This system isn't as easy as uploading a pdf to your site and adding a keyword search to it. This site has a lot of work that went into it. I can't say that I'm thrilled about the thought of buying the books again, but if you don't want to buy the books again... then don't. If you like the convenience of the site then consider the costs that go with it. But, don't expect a site this well put together for free.

    I hope they do consider some of the ideas I saw proposed in another comment, maybe getting a deal with WoTC to put an upload code in book purchases or that of a subscription, but this is the business. Thanks!

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    I can't believe this hasn't been resolved yet. Does anyone know if they're working on solution? If I could unlock all of the content that I already own I would 100% pay for the Master subscription to share it with the party I DM for. But since I can't unlock my pre-purchased content, there's 0 insentive for me to pay for a subscription - I get nothing out of it. How is this still an issue?

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    Tony Cooper

    I have purchased content on DNDBeyond, and I find it crazy that people don't understand how this works. WotC and Curse are not the same company. DDB purchased the licensing rights from WotC, and is a company providing a service. If you don't wish to purchase (or re-purchase) the content, you can create everything in their homebrew creator which can perfectly mirror the original. If, however, you appreciate the functionality of the online platform and wish it to continue (which I do), then purchase some content. There are numerous and regular discount codes available as well. While you might think "But I already purchased the PHB, DMG, and MM!" those books don't allow the same functionality. You are unlocking that functionality within the DDB website, such as creating characters, searching items/spells/monsters, etc. But DDB has heard the complaints, and everything can be accessed and added via the homebrew option. With a little work, you can use it just as if you had unlocked the content. Or you can purchase JUST the content you want unlocked (a specific Cleric domain, instead of the whole PHB, for example). But try and understand that WotC sold a licence to Curse, much like it sells books to your local game store. That local game store isn't beholden to you because you purchased something from someone else, and neither is DDB. They're both retailers offering a service. If you don't like the service, don't pay for it. If you DO like the service, then vote with your wallet and support it.

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    fat cryptid

    Hey this sucks. 

    I hear and understand that 

    A) You are not WotC and you're not profiting in the same way if we purchase the physical books as opposed to via your system

    B) There is genuine work and labor involved for you guys to make that content accessible. 

    Considering these things, I think it's fair for you to charge some amount to allow digital access to this content if someone owns the books. But it is absurd the amount that you're charging currently. I really like this site but there's no way I'll use it any way other than very casually if I have to spend 100's of dollars to access books I've already paid 100's of dollars for. If you wanted to charge me, say $5 a book I would understand that and totally pay for it! If you wanted to have a subscription to allow people to digitally access books they physically have, I would get a subscription! You should be recompensed for your labor, but we also shouldn't have to essentially rebuy books we already bought. 


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    Anton Walker

    Could always add a unique 1 time code to each book with that silver coating to scratch off and reveal it so that you can enter the code to get access to the content for your character builder. Don't have to give out the digital book but it will unlock the content.


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    Joseph Meisch

    This website is a total scam isn’t the real DnD website.  They are not associated with the app.  Don’t waste your time here.

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    Nathaniel McMahon

    Well I can see where D&D beyond stands on this issue, I've already invested $200+ into physical materials for 5e alone, and don't intend to pay that fee twice to have everything in a slightly more convenient format... And since I like to have everything consistent in a single format, I'm afraid you guys are out of luck so far as my business is concerned. 

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    Lucas López

    "the material in D&D Beyond is in a different format and platform."

    Different format (What we are actually looking for, a digital version of the books. We want them in a different format)
    Different platform (Sure, D&D Beyond)

    But... SAME CONTENT!!!! It's the same freaking book in digital format, kidnapped behind a subscription system. Are you fucking kidding us with that answer??? So if I buy the physical copy (for which I then need to download the Errata), I still have to pay full retail price again if I want a digital copy, which I can only access through D&D Beyond platform, so I don't have access to a book, despite having bought it at full retail price, if I'm offline for whatever reason.

    Congrats, you run an great shop. Only a shop.

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    Permanently Deleted User

    The point is that as long as my collection in books, valued over 1000 dollars is worth nothing on your platform, I will never use it. I'm a Dungeons and Dragons spender, I buy everything, I would buy a membership valued at 10/month in a heartbeat for the platform and sharing capabilities. But if I have to pay 2 dollar to play a Tabaxi, my heart breaks. Please fix this with WOTC, If they view you as an official content delivery platform, you should be annexed, and products of WOTC should be interchangeable.

    The way you are running this platform is outrageous, and a kick in the balls to people who love dungeons and dragons. I don't care how funny Sam's advertisements are for this platform, the financial model of this platform.... you should be ashamed for yourselves.

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