I have purchased this content elsewhere, can I have the digital content unlocked?




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    Why would you purchase something again? It is digital content which was already created by WOTC. I am not going to pay more money because someone imported the info into a DB. Whooptee Do! I have already purchase the content from WOTC. You want me to spend another $30 a pop for each book? That is greed!

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    Daniel Lumm

    I have to agree with Craig here. This is a deal breaker. It's also very anti-store. If I want a new supplement, I have to choose between buying a physical copy from my friendly local game store or buying a digital copy here, otherwise I'm almost doubling the cost for me. I find it to be a bit infuriating that I've gone through the trouble of purchasing so much content (you know, instead of obtaining the pdfs for free) and supporting you just to be told that I'll need to buy all of it again just to be able to make characters in this software with that content.

    This is a great way to drive players away from your services and into the realms of piracy. The logic behind this is so far backwards that I'm baffled there is a single person on the team that thought it was a good idea. You're punishing the players who already supported you and now you're even punishing the stores that carried and supported your product by making players choose an alternative to them. 

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    Rebecca Kinny

    Here is the thing. You only need to mark yes or no that a person get's access. That "material in D&D Beyond is in a different format and platform"is a bold face lie. The content in the PHB is the same whether it is digital or on paper. As long a person can give proof that they have the book this content should be available.  There is 0% chance that I would re-pay for content I already paid for. In fact, I will not be purchasing any additional content from this system until my other purchases are acknowledged.  If this isn't resolved this is the last D&D system I will ever play. I suggest this gets resolved faster rather than later.Once we change over to another system we won't be looking back.   





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    Byucknah The Red

    Yeah, this is literally the stupidest thing I have ever heard of Wizards of the Coast... As someone who has so many of the books, who has paid literal hundreds of dollars to get the books in the first place, being told "Oh, hey, we want to go digital but you have to buy EVERYTHING again!" is basically slapping me in the face with a Tarasque dick... I am not made of money here...

    Let us unlock the digital content if we already have the books because I am going to be blunt here, I am not going to pay for something a second time at the prices you guys are asking. I MIGHT be okay with paying 2-5$ to unlock digital versions of my books if I already own the physical copy but no more than that and even then its going to be a rarity! I will also continue to buy, baseline, the books in physical copies over digital moving forward. If this whole D&D beyond thing flops and stops getting supported, which crap like that happens ALL THE TIME with other services, then what? If D&D beyond shuts down its severs then I have lost everything with no compensation. It might not ever happen but there is no security in it for me when you guys are new to the scene in terms of digital D&D content that others have been providing for far longer and are far more rooted. The site can go down or get attacked by DDOS attacks, if I have no access to a network then I am shit out of luck, ect. I would rather have my physical books and if needed find another method to access the content digitally.

    I will never pay what you guys are asking to unlock a digital version of my books that I literally ALREADY OWN! Hell I would, and I say this bluntly and fearlessly, find an unofficial PDF somewhere if I want a digital copy of my books that I already own far before considering paying what you are asking just to have a digital copy of the material. I promise I am not alone in that sentiment either, I am not rich and most the people I have ever played D&D with are not rich either! Even the idea of your digital character sheets are not enough to convince me to invest in D&D Beyond when there are TONS of apps out there that do the same thing for free, even allowing manual content entry. Apps that I have already unlocked premium versions for on the app store. You have given me no legit reason to transfer over. Even when playing a game on PC I will choose Roll20 over Beyond, which I have also invested in over Beyond, any day of the week. You guys are giving me no reason, no motivation, nothing to convince me to use your service over any of the other methods available to me.

    The price gouging with this service has to go, you guys need to show respect to your faithful customers who have been buying your books for years. Don't double dip us, don't fuck us! The possibilities with D&D Beyond are awesome and its got a lot of potential, but this is already off to a pretty bad start with how you are handling your customers who have been faithful for years.

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    Are you serious? '.. but the material in D&D Beyond is in a different format and platform."?? Is this a Bad joke? It's already in here, what difference could there be? This is Just greedy.

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