My subscription renewed and I didn't want it to renew.




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    Kevin Maze

    I feel like we are missing the most obvious questions here... Which I feel to be "If I cancel my subscription to avoid another monthly charge, 1- how much time prior to next payment must I do so to avoid being charged, 2- if cancelled prior to end of subscription will I still be able to use remaining time I've already paid for??" And after a bit of research I still can't find billing dates... Is it based on a certain day or simply when my subscription would end?? Love Beyond and can't wait to see it reach it's full potential, just hope this might clear up a few questions myself and others may have...

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    Hi there Kevin!

    These are great questions and I will certainly add them to our FAQ section. 

    1. You would need to cancel your subscription a week prior to the next payment to avoid being charged. 

    2. If you cancel your subscription prior to the end of the subscription you will still be able to use the subscription benefits for the remaining time of the subscription. 

    3. The billing date is based upon when you signed up for the subscription. For example, if you signed up today 10/11 for the monthly subscription it would renew on 11/11. 

    I hope this helped clarify some of the questions that you have! Let us know if you have any further questions or concerns! 

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    Kevin Maze

    Awesome, thanks!!

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