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    Lucas Corvinius

    That's all good....

    But what we really want now is a way to Home Brew Common Non-Magical items of all kinds like different Clothes, Gear, Tools, Armor, Weapons, Herbs, Ores, Hides, Containers, Bags, Hunting Equipment, Legal Documents, Contracts, etc.

    As a DM, this is the single thing i want the most from DnDBeyond right now.

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    Bert Van Herck

    Creating homebrew Backgrounds is currently very cumbersome and not intuitive for first time users. 
    A background is a complex thing, so I suggest on putting a lot more effort into the help-text, maybe including help examples and a "preview" option that could give you a quick run-through of how that background would affect the options in the character builder.
    (worst part here is defining background-specific gear, so easy to get the options wrong)

    If you browse the homebrew backgrounds section now, there is sooo much bad designed and low quality stuff in there, a lot of backgrounds that only have a lump of text without being functional. I strongly believe the builder is to blame to a high extend. 

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