Magic Items Tutorial




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    James Kovach

    Any information on making a weapon that has different damage levels based on enemy? ex. warhammer +1, +3 v undead. Not sure how to have modifiers reflect different damage levels. Or is that even possible right now?

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    Matthew Nelson

    I keep trying to make an item to act give me the benefits of a dark gift that I took in Curse of Strahd. I should be getting a +4 to Charisma with a maximum of 22. However, once I have finished the item, I never see my stat go up. Therefore, I tried to just use a tomb of leadership and influence to hack it for now, but that doesn't raise it either. What is going on to where it doesn't go up?

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    What James Kovach asked. I've got a warhammer +2, +4 v undead. Having issues reflecting that

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