I published my homebrew, but now I want to make a change to it. Why can't I delete/edit the published version?



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    This seems like bad advice to me and does not really answer the question. 

    You can edit published homebrew, though it can be a process.
    Viewing your homebrew under the "My Creations" tab you can see a button in the top right called "Create New Version". Click on this and a duplicate will be created
    This version will still be private and there should now be an option to edit it.
    After editing the duplicate, share with the community as you did before and it should override the old homebrew, effectively editing it. 
    Keep in mind that the number of ratings will reset to 0 when the new version is published.

    Updating races with subraces is a little more complicated and slightly broken and requires manually recreating all the subraces under your duplicate race.

    Unfortunately there is no way to delete homebrew content once it has been published. Personally I think this is silly but it is not my decision. You can easily find people who have published things and not been able to delete it. This ends up cluttering the whole collection. 

    One possible (untested) work around for this would be reporting your own creation and asking nicely for it to be taken down. Or even updating it to violate community guidelines and then reporting it, though I have not personally tried it.

    Hopefully this is more helpful than the answer above to at least one person.

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