Can I share my homebrew with others in my campaign, without submitting it as public homebrew?




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    Mike Chase

    Can you give any kind of rough ETA on this (knowing, as I'm a developer myself, that there can often be unexpected complications and delays)? Or at least an indication that this is currently being worked on? I'm a DM with a lot of purchased content and I'm happy to subscribe to the Master tier so I can share that with my players, but want to also be able to share the homebrew content I've got in mind for our upcoming campaign, without having to publicly submit and have them all subscribe at the Hero tier. Some of them don't have the money for any kind of subscription anywhere.

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    James Taylor

    I have the same issue.  I have a complete subscription but the players in my campaign cannot see the homebrew items.  I have not submitted for approval since I did not intend to use it beyond my own campaign.

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